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Sher Nasser

Sher Nasser Artwork

Original Artwork in Oil, Watercolor, Charcoal, and Custom Prints, Stretch Canvas, Acrylic, Greeting Cards, Throw Pillows, T-Shirts, Duvet, etc., available worldwide.


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Born on the spice island of Zanzibar, surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Sher Nasser spent her formative years around the beautiful coastlines of East Africa. Inspired by the gorgeous vistas surrounding her, Sher's interest in drawing started early, however, it was not until many years later, and having moved to Canada, that Sher discovered the joyful world of painting.

"When I first arrived in Canada I was immediately fascinated with the effects of light and shadow that the September sun was creating. I am gifted with a strong love of nature and seeing the wonderful variety of colors that each season brings, I felt a strong inspiration to try and capture those radiant colors on my canvas".

Excelling in floral watercolors, Sher also creates breathtaking landscapes, still-lives and life-like portraits in a variety of media.

Living in British Columbia, Sher is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Port Moody Arts Association and the Art Focus Group.

A proud supporter of many charities, Sher is always happy to donate her paintings and time to worthy causes.

For commissions, to purchase or view other works please contact Sher by email at

Thank you.

Sher Nasser

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Old Farm House by Sher Nasser


Gastown, Vancouver by Sher Nasser


Clubhouse in Winter by Sher Nasser


On the Lookout by Sher Nasser


Blue Heron by Sher Nasser


Juicy Strawberries by Sher Nasser


Sunset at Serengeti by Sher Nasser


Alberta Horse Farm by Sher Nasser


Rocky Point Port Moody by Sher Nasser


Hibiscus - So Pretty in Pink by Sher Nasser


Thomas by Sher Nasser


West of Zanzibar by Sher Nasser


Towards Heaven by Sher Nasser


Lilies in the garden by Sher Nasser


Peony by Sher Nasser


Top Of The World by Sher Nasser


October Afternoon by Sher Nasser


Summer Afternoon by Sher Nasser


Sunset at Rocky Point by Sher Nasser


Enchanted forest by Sher Nasser


Dignity by Sher Nasser


African Mother and Child by Sher Nasser


African Elephants at Sunset by Sher Nasser


House in Oyster Bay by Sher Nasser


Child sitting in old Zanzibar doorway by Sher Nasser


Mombasa Market by Sher Nasser


African corner store by Sher Nasser


Zanzibar Forzani beach by Sher Nasser


African Mother and Child by Sher Nasser


Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania by Sher Nasser


Cherry Basket girl by Sher Nasser


Woman In Blissful Ecstasy by Sher Nasser


African Chai Tea Lady. by Sher Nasser


African Elephants at Sunset in the Serengeti by Sher Nasser


Sail boats on Indian Ocean by Sher Nasser


Zebras at Ngorongoro Crater by Sher Nasser